Agricultural holding
This company owns both organic production and conventional production citrus crops, cultivated under Global Gap’s certification, with its own differentiated machinery for each type of crops.

Our own organic and conventional citrus production increases year by year. Currently, it represents the 70% of our sales. Therefore, that makes us producers and experts in the fruit quality from the start of the process to the fruit’s final sale.

This Company owns a 3.500 m2 production facilities with specific machinery for the citrus, like Clementine, Mandarins, oranges and lemons, and its preservation, and with highly qualified personnel for citrus and other fruits’ packaging. The certificates that has the company are: IFS Food (Higher Level), Global Gap, Grasp and Comunitat Valenciana’s organic certification. Our specialty is the clementine with leaves.

We offer our clients fresh, newly collected citrus for both national and international destination. Our company is continuously expanding in areas such as destinations and packaging.

Our products

Our star product is the clementine with leaves. This presentation guarantees a total product freshness because the time between its harvest and its put up for sale is less than 72 hours.